Sometime around the year 2000 some very enterprising manufacturers saw the need for small, light personal transportation devices. That need spawned the first personal scooters, which usually consisted of handlebars connected to a shaft that ended in a foot board with wheels. While the original styles still exist, manufacturers have polished and improved the principle, resulting in hands-free scooters. Models like the Hover board Segway are light, small, affordable and completely user controlled.

A Self Balancing Scooter Is Easy to Use

The self-balancing Segway skooter is one of the most popular on the market and is battery powered. It basically looks like nothing more than two joined pedals with a wheel on each end. However, appearances are deceptive. The devices use circuit boards which allow riders to control them with simple movements. A passenger steps on and begins to glide forward. Since there are no handles, they need to get the hang of self balancing, but most find that process quick and easy. The direction they move their feet in determines what the device will do. With a few motions users can go forward, backward, left, right or in reverse. Some scooters can hold up to 260 pounds of weight. An average device operates for about 3 hours on a charge.

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Scooters Offer Several Benefits

Many eco friendly customers buy hands free scooters. The electric powered devices create no emissions and use rechargeable batteries. They are also quiet and affordable. Well made models are available for under $300.00. Although they do not travel far or very fast, scooters are ideal for those who need to go between 3-6 miles. Devices are light, easy to carry and safe. They are far less likely to be involved in accidents than bicycles or motorcycles. They have low maintenance costs and are perfect for urban living. Many city dwellers now routinely jump on their Segways, travel to work through heavy traffic and then pick up the scooters and carry them into their buildings.

Electric scooters have become popular as alternative transportation in cities and just for fun. The miniature personal transports come in many styles and hands free, self balancing models are exceptionally popular. These small, light devices are safe, good for the environment and excellent for traveling short distances.

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